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Meet Rick

Name: Ricardo ‘Rick’ Benavides, III

Job Title: Associate Attorney

How would you describe your role at J. Cruz & Associates?

On a daily basis, I assist our clients with responding to legal questions and providing legal guidance and opinions on a wide array of topics, including employment matters, governing board operations, elections, and special education. I also prepare and present training materials to educate our clients on the latest changes in the various areas of law.

How long have you worked at J. Cruz & Associates?

I have been working at J. Cruz & Associates for more than a year and half.

What do you think makes J. Cruz & Associates different from other law firms?

First and foremost, the type of law that our firm practices are incredibly specialized. To that end, not many firms in Texas can say that they specialize in an area of law, let alone dedicate all of their legal practice to that one area. Because our firm has been able to practice education law for many years, our attorneys have been able to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience. Another thing that makes JCA different from other law firms is that all of the attorneys in our office are personable and approachable.

Describe J. Cruz & Associates in three words:

Loyal, Dedication, Excellence

What’s your favorite movie, tv show, book, or podcast?

I enjoy watching horror movies, even the bad ones. I recently finished watching “Stranger Things” and “You” on Netflix. Both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. While traveling, I like listening to the “Radiolab” podcast and the “Stuff You Should Know” podcast. These podcasts explore topics and issues one would not otherwise encounter during their normal news media. I believe that sometimes useless information CAN be useful!

Who has been the most influential person in your life, and why?

I would have to say that my grandfather is the most influential person in my life. My grandfather grew up very poor. He once told me a story about how he and his sister only had one pair of shoes for school and how they would take turns being barefoot throughout the school day —a story I like to recall every so often to remind myself of how fortunate I am. Ultimately, after joining the air force during the Vietnam war and completing his duties, he bought a house in Laredo, Texas, where he started what has become a very successful commercial strip mall business. At a young age, he instilled in me the idea that we are all carrying the touch of our ancestors and that we are where we are because of their hard work. To that end, it is necessary to use the opportunities provided and continue working hard to lay a stronger foundation for the next generation. My grandfather also always used to tell me, “Mijo, never lie, never cheat, and never steal.” – words from the bible. Every day I live my life based on these principles. He is my inspiration.