Informed Government 

Regarding personnel matters, J. Cruz & Associates, LLC has provided guidance to clients on issues ranging from creating job descriptions to the termination of employment, and the post-termination appeals that follow. As a result, the Firm has insight on each area of the employment relationship between a government entity and its contract/non-contract employees. In representing large and small political subdivisions, the Firm’s attorneys have developed keen experience in handling a large array of employment law matters, including but not limited to, FMLA, ADA, Texas Labor Code, Grievances, Employment Discrimination, Whistleblower Complaints, and Wrongful Termination.

Our attorneys represent government entities on a wide range of legal matters including procurement, analysis of bids, hiring of personnel, (including executive director but not limited to), entity formation, business acquisitions and sales, financing, corporate governance, and policy formation. We assist our clients with due diligence, entity structuring, document preparation, negotiations, and related services necessary to support our clients’ activities.

Our attorneys have helped countless large and small entities handle issues related to:

Fiduciary Responsibility to shareholders, executives, and employees

Choice of Entity

Director Responsibility

Standard Contracts

Appropriate structuring of deals and transactions 

Financing and Work Out Arrangements

Negotiating letters of intent and financing agreements

Business Acquisitions and Dispositions

Documentation and Project Oversight

Due Diligence

Transaction Financing

Transaction Structure

The Government Entity Defense Team