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Meet Aldo

Name: Aldo Villalon Job Title:  Technology Coordinator How long have you worked at J. Cruz & Associates? 6 Weeks What do […]

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Breaking Up the Buyers?

This year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Justice Dept. (DOJ) launched a joint inquiry investigating the “impact of monopsony power, including in labor markets.”

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Meet Sandra

My work accomplishments would be multitasking, which is very important in this dynamic and busy firm, along with maintaining a schedule to meet work deadlines while also learning new work tasks and skills.

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What in the wide world of sports is this “NIL” thing?

As student-athletes return to your TV or computer screens, there is something else that will be at the forefront of local and national media coverage.

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Meet Rick

On a daily basis, I assist our clients with responding to legal questions and providing legal guidance and opinions on a wide array of topics…

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Dog Lovers Rejoice! Texas Law Protects Our Four-Legged Companions

Many of the attorneys and staff at J. Cruz & Associates are dog lovers.  We love dogs so much that […]

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